Officine M.T.M. S.p.A. quality since the first 6 meters length tube


Officine M.T.M. S.p.A has successful been commissioned on February 2020 one complete HEAVY-DUTY PRECISION MILL, ranging from OD 10mm up to 25mm in diameter and max 2,5mm Thickness and up to 150 m/min speed. The mill has been ordered from one European leading Company specialized in the production of precision electro-welded steel tubes and profiles for the OEM Automotive market who entrusted us with design, production and supply of this complete tube mill with a focus on the final quality and strict tolerance of the production.
The line has been designed to process the latest high strength Dual Phase 800 grade carbon steel to produce tubes for automotive applications. The scope of supply includes fully automatic entry lines, with automatic strip joining, forming and sizing section with quick change, welding section with quick change and pressure control, section tools and cut-off units, safety protections.
The installation took a few weeks and the first tube produced during the commissioning (OD 13,95x WT 1,4mm) has achieved the dimensional tolerance half of the requested standard. The below laser measurement report shows the achieved value of ovality equal to 0,046mm instead the precision tube standard EN 10305 requires 0,100mm as minimum.
Also the destructive test highlighted the high quality of the tube where no broke of the welded seam has happened.


This result confirmed Officine M.T.M. S.p.A special attention to high precision and perfect quality production and our high reliability on each part of the mill equipment.