Officine MTM empowers a sustainable future pushing on the production of tube mills for the solar industry 


Officine MTM is a major global player in tube mill manufacturing, renowned for its exceptional design, quality and reliability.

Counting on 50 years of expertise and a steadfast commitment to meeting the ever-changing industry demands, MTM has recently completed its third dedicated tube mill for producing sector tubes for the solar industry. The line, mod. MTM 120 CS W HF, will soon be delivered to and installed in the United States. This achievement marks another stride in MTM's mission to advance a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

This tube production line covers a range of outer diameters from 38.1mm (1.5 inches) to 127mm (5 inches) and a maximum thickness of 6.35mm (0.25 inches). The tubes produced by the MTM 120 CS W HF have a distinctive octagonal shape, serving as advanced, high-tech components for solar photovoltaic brackets. These brackets play a central role in optimizing energy generation by precisely aligning solar panels with the sun's path. This solution enhances structural stability, simplifies mounting and installation, and offers design flexibility for various applications.

With 3 lines installed in just 5 five years within the solar industry Officine MTM proves his commitment in promoting innovative and sustainable solutions to its clients and is ready to see this number growing more and more in the next years.

Its pioneering spirit in the field of sustainability is not limited to developing projects like this one but It permeates its everyday practices from employee engagement to local supplier sourcing, and social responsibility within the local community.